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What is better than QR codes?

I came across this article where it talks about a SnapTag, which is a new scan code that looks nicer and is more beneficial than general QR codes. Glamour magazine have put this SnapTag in the cover of the magazine allowing the readers to scan and engage with the brand. The result of this post was very successful with 100,000 code activations, 50,000 Facebook likes, and 500,000 interactions.

 What is SnapTag?

SnapTag works like QR codes and even better. It is an interactive logo. Consumers engaging a SnapTag can activate a full-scale interactive brand engagement transforming any brand impression anywhere into the opportunity for a brand experience. SnapTags can be used across media platforms to deliver different marketing campaigns customized for different consumer segments and to engage consumers in an integrated multi-channel marketing campaign. Moreover, consumers participating in a SnapTag campaign can opt in to receive more information, get brand updates

SnapTag allows you to include your branded logo or even a Facebook logo inside the code ring depends on where you want it to be linked to and how you want the consumers to engage with your mobile marketing campaign. This code ring will be able to move to thousands of different positions, that means it can create thousands different logo-code.

SnapTags can be used to engage your consumers almost anywhere you want. It can be used for branded, Social, or Mobile Giving (Giving a donation and it will charge to your mobile phone bill). The SnapTag can be read by using either a standard or smart phone camera. You can either scan it using SnapTag Reader App or just take a picture of the SnapTag and send to a short code provided.

So I believe some of you might be curious how this going to work. So let’s try and see by yourself.

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