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Anthony Morrison: Scam or True Opportunity

Many mornings, there is an infomercial on the Hansen Report that catches my attention. Anthony Morrison talks about Internet advertising. The bit usually spends the first half praising Morrison for his success and generosity of knowledge. Once credibility is established, Morrison offers a service with his new book, Advertising Profits. The book is $19.95 and the service comes COMPLETELY FREE with it. An obvious question: Is Morrison’s service is a dead end work from home scam or potential for success.

The way it works:

You purchase his book, Advertising profits for a cost of $19.95.

Read the book, and adapt all of Morrison’s skills and techniques about Internet advertising.

Morrison will give you VERY OWN WEB SITE!!!

If you make money from advertising, Morrison gets a bonus (NOT A PERCENTAGE) from the companies.

So here is where this service is unique. As Morrison says, he is “vested” in the people that buy his book. When they make money, he makes money. As stated above, the companies give him a bonus rather than a percentage. Oddly, this service actually sounds pretty good. It seems that someone could get something out of it depending on the time they are willing to put in. (like Anything, right?)

There are things I dislike about Anthony and his service. I know better than to think getting my own web site is a big deal or characteristic of success. Also, the undertone of sleaziness with statements like “automatic way to make money on the Internet ”, “your personal economy”, and “ABSOLUTELY FREE” turn me off. Plus, Morrison seems faker than a Rolex bought on the subway.

I encourage everyone to watch the video and form an opinion. Also, you can read a lot of other opinions found through search.

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