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Will Youtube’s New “Channels” Be A Big threat To TV Programming?

Aiming to create a new digital video platform that will rival television programming, Youtube is trying something different. That is, instead of moving movies and TV shows to the world’s biggest Web site, Youtube is making a bold step into original programming in an entertainment venture with some 100 content creators, from Madonna to The Wall Street Journal. Also, the contents of the channels will be niche-oriented videos. For example, Madonna is a partner with the dance channel DanceOn, while O’Neal plans the Comedy Shaq Network. The channels have rolled out at the end of October 2011, though most will premiere next year. According to Youtube, each of channels will have a couple hours of original programming per week.

However, here comes the question: will Youtube’s new “channels” be a big threat to TV programming? My answer is: it depends. If you are advertisers, you might argue that the new channels of Youtube will rival TV programming. We all know that advertisers are willing to buy TV airtime and put their ads during popular TV programs. Nevertheless, it usually costs too much and cannot promise that target audiences would see these ads. On the contrary, although owning your own programs on Youtube costs $5 million per channel, advertisers can introduce their products to specific target audiences more clearly efficiently. They could also know who are watching and are interested in their programs. It seems that Youtube is building a more advertiser-friendly product of professional-quality video.

Even though all of these new programs created by advertisers are professional-quality videos, they are still commercial-oriented. As a result, how consumers will see these Youtube channels? To some extents, these channels look lust like the other way of “product placement”. I don’t think that consumers will prefer these new channels to TV programming. Then, at this point, I personally think that Youtube’s new “channels” will not be a big issue to TV programming.

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