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Augmented reality—imagine a real world with magic

What is Augmented reality? According to Wikipedia, “Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.” As a smart marketer, you might have several brilliant ideas of how to use it to create unique customer experience.

Here are some usages for you to refresh your mind.


Outdoor Billboard—take a step further into a giant’s world

 If you have been to New York City and had a chance to wander around Time Square, you must be attracted by a billboard advertising which is sponsored by Forever 21. It’s no surprise that you can see yourself being projected on a big screen, the thing is there were pretty girls showing in the screen and tried to take a photo of you. It is not news for marketers because the advertising has been there for a while; however, a magic show just happened in Nov in Times Square as well, and you would never forget it.

This year Walt Disney created a campaign to celebrate his 83-year-old birthday on Nov 18th. The Disney Parks team installed a 60-foot digital billboard for customers to experience an augmented reality at the Disney Store in Times Square. It’s not a surprise that visitors can interact with characters projected on the big screen as the experience with Forever 21. In spite of it, many of the character interactions are done live. That means that the characters can respond directly to how guests are moving and reactions from the crowds, and guests can experience their favorite characters coming to live. Check out the video and you can feel the magic to hang out with Disney’s lovely characters.



Mobile Application –experience a miniature fantasy in your hand

Since the number of smart-phone users keeps increasing, mobile marketing becomes another popular platform for marketers to extend brand experience to customers. Consumers always have their smartphone device on hand and make animations come to life not only helps engage consumers, but creates a unique experience for them.

This November, Starbucks was not just as a coffee retailer at a street corner on your way to work, it brought coffee to life via interactive augmented reality application. As an initiative to promote its seasonal holiday flavor, Starbucks has released its new Starbucks Cup Magic app. Consumers can discover Starbucks holiday characters, which are found on the red cups, coffee bags and signage, and they can animate their coffee cups with their smartphones. The application also provides traditional and social sharing capabilities. Users can send ecards as well as holiday offers from Starbucks, among other things.



Mobile application featuring interactive animated reality is prevalent globally. In Korea, a beverage brand crossed-over with music industry popular icon—Girl’s Generation—and launched a series of mobile applications. When customers or fans download the application and scan a beverage can, an idol of Girl’s Generation shows up and dances with the can. The app provides a unique experience to own Girl’s Generation in their hand. Oh by the way, there are nine girls in the group, so loyal and fanatical fans must be busy downloading the series of application nine times.


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