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Optimize your fan page through taking a flight with Delta

Delta Airways, which might not be the leading brand in airline industry, is definitely one of the best players in terms of digital marketing and Facebook usage.   L2 IT Digital IQ index published a report about the online performance of main-brands players in travel industryand evaluated those brands’ digital effort across site, digital marketing, social media, and mobile. Guess what, Through L2’s analysis and evaluation, Delta is the first ranking on the list of 89 travel brands.


Let’s see how Delta optimized Facebook usage to engage to their customers.


Not just showing the first impression, but the best impression

When customers land in Delta Facebook fan page, they will find the page looks alike an official web-page that displays Delta’s news and developments. More than offering latest news as more jets are providing wi-Fi service, more routes will be available, and first class is coming to regional jets, the custom landing pages allows users to interact with Delta by “like” each piece of news.


Not just being your “friend” online, but serving you the best

People are lazy, and consumers want travel planning to be as easy as possible — make it that way by letting them book vacations without having to leave Facebook. Embedding a booking widget can make that happen easily.Delta was the first adopter by launched their Ticket Counter—a Facebook online booking application— on August 2010.  No more being re-directed to the carrier’s main and external website to obtain results and make bookings for Delta Facebook fans.Since then, Delta has embedded several service on Facebook. Users can log in to view their SkyMiles account balance, check in for their flight, check their flight status, and view their itineraries without leaving Facebook.

Not just being a carrier, but a fun deliver

Delta understands that everything happening on Facebook are all for one reason, to engage and to keep in touch with your friends. On Nov 1st 2011, Delta just launched a new Facebook application featuring enables people to plan a book a group trip entirely within Facebook.

Here are some high-light features of Delta Away weGo:

1.  Maps & activity suggestions- No idea about your next trip? search for places to go and fun things to do at your trip destination via the app.

2. Simple, private ways to plan your trip- invite guests from your existing Facebook friends list and privately share your trip information on Facebook.

3. Trip wizard- name your trip and give your friends an attractive description of your journey .

4. RSVP tracker- Keep up with your team’s status. who’s coming and who already booked their tickets.

5. Schedule organizer- Edit your travel schedule with your gang, and share travel tips.

6. Countdown calendar- Lets you know just how many days before the fun begins!


Not just being a fan page, but being a live friend page

Through Delta’s practice on Facebook, a brand should no longer be satisfied with being a “celebrity” to engage with its “fans” via incentive conversation. A looking-forward brand should expect itself to be the best friend of their customers. Think about the qualities and characters of a welcome friend, and you might get some ideas to be embraced by your customers.



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