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YouTube for School

I can still remember that watching videos in the classroom was always the best part of class. From videotapes to DVDs, the combination of sound, motion and sight could efficiently engage students and achieve educational purposes. Nowadays, it is easier for professors to look for videos on YouTube to bring educational topics to classroom. Today, YouTube is launching a brand new tool to help teachers and students, and it is called “YouTube for Schools.” The platform can categorize education materials and videos according to subjects such as history and science. The most important feature is its filter to screen out potentially offensive or distracting content, and the setting would not show any comments and related video recommendations.

As Angela Lin, head of YouTube EDU, pointed out, “YouTube for School is a technical solution to allow schools that normally restrict access to YouTube to gain access to it.” Most schools have some type of filters in place designed to block pornography and other inappropriate material, and it is common for these filters to also block social media, including all of Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. So, with the advent of YouTube for School, teachers can access to hundreds of thousands of educational videos, and they don’t have to worry about that any irrelevant materials would distract their students.

YouTube worked with teachers and 600 organizations such as the Smithsonian, Spangler Science, Numberphile and TED to select the available content, and it put together more than 300 playlists broken out by grade level and subject, such as Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. YouTube pronounced that YouTube for School is part of its ongoing effort to make itself a truly valuable educational resource to inspire learners around the world. Let’s look forward to seeing its next step to make education more vivid, interactive and attractive.

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