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Be a 24hr Shopaholic!

Do you enjoy shopping? I think most of the answers are positive. Especially we are in a time that shopping becomes very easy and convenient. All we have to do is to click on the mouse and fill out credit card information, then we can sit on the sofa and wait for the delivery. But sometimes it’s hard to find the right product online. Too many keywords and searching techniques are required! Have you ever feel frustrated after viewing 15 pages of searching results and find nothing appropriate? Maybe the new app from Google can help us to fix this problem.


Google Catalogs is an app to help customers searching and purchasing products online. Before this app was introduced, Google had created the Catalog Search in 2009 but the soon ended in the same year. The difference between Google Catalogs and Catalog Search is that the app allows people not just surfing catalogs but can actually purchase products through catalogs they find. Also, people can write down their comments on the product they bought and share it with friends.


Google Catalogs is an all inclusive interactive platform that assist customers as well as merchandisers. Companies can stop spending high budgets in printing ads. Not to mention they can change anything they want in 5 minutes, and give in time responses to customers reviews. Compare with traditional printing advertising, it’s also easier to capture customers’ attention. Wanna be a 24 hr nonstop shopaholic? Try Google Catalogs!

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