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what you say oniline matters !!

In the past decade branding has seen a dramatic change in how things were done. The fundamental set of rules used by multinational corporations like Proctor & Gamble have changed. They do not fully determine whether or not their products are of the best quality and at the right price anymore, because the consumer’s word-of-mouth has become a popular force that needed to be noticed.

Consumers’ word-of-mouth has become more powerful in the past decade due to trends moving towards blog’s and social media. With millions of people creating accounts online to share their stories, comment, opinions and desires. The online world has formed a new information universe.

The million-dollar question was how to make money from all this information?

A.C Nielson decided take advantage of this opportunity by forming a company called Buzzmetrics. They intend to adopt all this clutter of information and transform it into valuable key insight for corporations like coca cola and Toyota

In today’s online world, an influential blogger can determine the fate of a new brand or a new product. That’s why it has become crucial for brands to pay more attention to what people are saying instead of bombarding them with TV adverts that they have become immune to anyways.

People in networked markets have access to unlimited information and support from each other. If you post a question in an online community today, you can easily get 10 replies within 24 hours from people you don’t even know. There are no secrets anymore, these networks are transparent, whether the news is good or bad, they tell everyone.

Although fake blogs also known as flogs exist, people in networked markets are not easily fooled. With time they are becoming smarter, more informed, and more organized. A company dumb enough to take such a risk online will eventually be spotted and will need some serious PR recovery sessions.

With millions of users online, the amount of information is too great to handle by marketing team at any company. An attempt to do so may result in a bad decision being made due to the lack of correct or precise information.

The internet is enabling conversations among people that were simply not possible in the era of mass media, the cutting edge intelligence provided by Buzzmetrics is an essential tool to understand and analyze these conversations and obtain the consumers’ values, desires and opinions.

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