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Integration is Power

If you ask many traditional book aficionados, they would answer quite unanimously that they would always choose real books over the electronic ones. Books that they can touch, smell, collect, and depend on. Like these fans, I believe, most of the keenest fashion supporters would certainly prefer and choose to touch, feel, see, and try on fashion items before they purchase them to worship back at home. But, more and more I find that the previous statement I made is already obsolete and might be better off in past tense. Brands, high-end or mass, are becoming truly tech savvy by reaching and serving their customers right at their fingertips through social media and mobile applications. It probably doesn’t sound intriguing in 2012, but if a luxury brand started out in 2004 has been embracing the development of digital technology since the very beginning has made its way to opening more than 450 locations in department and specialty stores worldwide and 20 more shops in major international cities within 8 years, I reckon its success is worth noting. E-Commerce is undoubtedly the new black.

Tory Burch is one the young and vibrant luxury brands out there that has gained recognition and popularity swiftly in the fashion battlefield. How? Less mumbo jumbo and more interactive communications. Tory Burch has not yet purchased any traditional advertisements in U.S. magazines by far; the brand is largely propelled by the growth digital technologies such as social media, blogs, and mobile marketing. Well, I find 8 years of a luxury fashion brand without the use of magazine fascinating. Tory Burch’s e-commerce website attracts more customers and purchases more than the physical stores do. The brand is enthusiastically engaged in direct and constant conversations with its customers; for example, Burch herself is responsible for the brand’s Twitter account where she employs the space as a channel to have a two-way conversation with her followers in a way that a human being would normally talk to another. Apart from Twitter, the brand doesn’t leave out any chance to involve popular media platforms to reach out to their customers: Flipboard, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, and Weibo in China. Speaking of China, I think it is such a clever move to embrace Weibo early on and quickly earn a huge support from the populations in a way that traditional marketing strategy would have hardly achieved in such a short period of time. The brand’s blog has always been a big part and is steered  by a famous former editor from InStyle magazine; by having someone who is knowledgeable in the fashion field and understands the needs of readers simultaneously is greatly beneficial for the brand as it creates relevancy and engagement. Plus, the booming of iPad as well as mobile marketing makes this marketing effort within Tory Burch grows the fastest across the board. Most importantly, however, the brand is focusing on the evolution of Facebook commerce or Fcommerce where they interact with their customers while starting to offer exclusivity to the fans, so that they feel privileged and valued. As we can see, Tory Burch takes advantage of every viable digital platform while also using digital technology as a major business model to grow its business opportunities. Currently, the brand monitors its media presence with Klout scores and closely watches interactivity between the brand and its customers to see the areas in which they can improve and expand.

Like I said, this is probably isn’t all new to most of us, but what it is showing is the power of integration and a deep understanding of the digital landscape. Despite the different platforms that the brand has, they all represent the same voice and messages, thus giving such a strong brand image over the years. It is not only about having all these tools present in the marketing efforts, but it is about how they are managed and utilized to create synergy. I believe it was nothing near easy for the brand to first start without a full blown traditional media campaign and decide to opt for the digital media when it was still very early in its development and popularity. Today, the people of Tory Burch are waltzing around with their gadgets and are able to drive handsome revenue to the company with possibly very little money slipping through their fingers.

To read the article: http://mashable.com/2011/11/26/tory-burch-cmo-miki-berardelli/


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