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Microsoft’s Surface is the iPad killer?

A day after debuting the first Windows 8 TV commercial, Microsoft puts out another one, but this one is for Surface. The Microsoft Surface, with real productivity apps, a clever keyboard cover and a well-engineered design stands a real chance of cutting into iPad sales, if Microsoft will throw enough money at the marketing.

Is the Microsoft Surface the next killer tablet? I know that all these “killer this” and “killer that” comparisons can get out of control. Every new challenger is hyped as the killer of what came before. But sometimes, it’s true. The iPad really turned out to be a PC killer. People bought iPads instead of buying new PCs, and that market took a pretty big hit. Apple pulled this off by building something that changed the rules for a PC, and we saw it differently.

But don’t get me wrong, I was a PC user for a very long time until I jumped into the Apple bandwagon recently with the purchase of the 2012 Mac Air. It is a beautifully and sophisticatedly designed machine. While the Mac Air is an incredible update from a dying ASUS, It still cannot beat the mobility and portability of a tablet.

Where the PC was about performance, the iPad was about portability. Where the PC was about mice and keyboards, the iPad opted for touch, and where the PC was generally about productivity, the iPad was about entertainment.

But it forced a hard choice that most of us didn’t really want to make: Tablet or laptop? This was because the iPad was really a netbook that swapped the keyboard and mouse for a touchscreen, and the iPad’s shortcomings made it a very difficult product to live on exclusively. Most iPad buyers had to keep their PCs or buy MacBooks, and that took what was already an expensive solution and increased it.Image



This tablet comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office, most dominant desktop productivity product in the market that even Apple cannot deny it. But the productivity does not stop there. Unlike Apple, Microsoft isn’t being as restrictive of apps that the platflorm is familiar with For example, the apps can share data, so users can be looking up restaurants on one screen, and then simply click to bring up navigation simultaneously. These aren’t just netbooks with touchscreens instead of keyboards, they are fullly functional PCs. 


Microsoft traditionally under-funds advertising even though it as one of best advertising team in the industry leader by Kathleen Hall. They do not want to follow the shadow of their previous product Zune. The initial TV ads are captivating, but they will need to enforce more marketing materials across different platforms for this “killer” product to reach its maximum potential. 

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