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Skype on Xfinity’s Comcast!!

Talk about the new era of digital convergence, Comcast has announced their partnership with Skype. This obviously opens door to a new positioning status for Comcast (Xfinity), with customers in Boston and Seattle to be the first to have access to the new service of Skype on Xfinity videoconferencing service. It is at utmost that we have entered a new era, where TV’s have browsers and applications that enable its users to surf the Internet or access applications like Netflix or Hulu.

Now with Skype joining forces with Comcast, customers can add this magnificent service at a $9.95 monthly for instant messaging and video chatting services. That monthly fee will presumably cover the requisite all-in-one kit, which includes an adaptor, a “high-quality” camera and a new Skype-enabled remote control with an IM-friendly keyboard on the rear. Surely this must be exciting times for Comcast customers. However, the other end user friend is eligible for this service as well. Therefore, they can ring up Comcast’s customer service line and apply for this one-step to the future add-on.

The service is currently available in Boston and Seattle with (Atlanta, Augusta, Ga., Chicago, Detroit, Harrisburg, Pa., Indianapolis, Miami and Pittsburgh on the way). Obviously, the success of this will embark the evolution of telecommunication, and will surely motivate competition by others.






Original post: Comcast Skype on Xfinity (ENGADGET)

Author: Zach Honig

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