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Show Interest in Pinterest

We have an array of social media platform to choose from whether it’s for business or personal purposes. These different platforms own diverse characters, thus can be used to answer different needs as well, especially when it comes to business. Pinterest has surely been interesting; it’s perhaps the year’s biggest digital-platform sensation, which has attracted both consumers and brands to join its scrapbook-like site that works as an inspirational board. Now that Pinfluencer, the Pinterest analytics firm, is launching promotions tool that enables brands to use the platform to promote contests and sweepstakes on Facebook or the brands’ own site that tie in Pinterest, of course, the social media is showing good signs of expansion.

The idea behind the tactic is to allow users’ creativity to blossom while increasing participating brands’ exposure to Pinterest users. Pinterest users create their personal boards that pin pictures that are relevant to a contest’s theme to win prizes from the brand; for example, Gilt, a wedding boutique, is among the firsts to sign up with the ‘Pin to Win’ promotion, invited users to create a pinboard that repins one of Gilt’s five bridal gowns plus additional pins of items, styles or places to create their dream wedding scrapbooks. The advantage of these activities is engagement; while users are browsing and selecting pictures to create their pinboards, they also learn more about the brands. Therefore, brands have the tendency to be exposed to the consumers in a much deep sense as well in terms of interaction. The users spend time working on their pinboards because they either find it entertaining or worth winning some prizes, but whatever the main reason is brands benefit from this type of engagement. Other well-known brands such as Sephora and E-bay are next to make use of the tool.

Apart from collaborating with and expanding reach to Facebook users, conversion to Pinterest is likely and highly possible. Pinterest will gain quite a large number of Facebook-base users, who will become more familiar with the nature of Pinterest once Facebook users are exposed to the tie-in activities. Since Pinterest is an image-base social media site, followers have higher propensity to want to purchase pined items, which benefit participating brands. Moreover, brands also profit from data that Pinfluencer gathers for them such as pins, repins, clicks and page views. But more importantly, brands can track conversion by tracking revenue that comes from transactions originated from a contest, which will be of huge tangible benefit to brands since social media in general is still struggling with conversion data. Also, brands know what content works best on Pinterest because Pinfluencer is able to aggregate the number of potential reach of contest-related pins and the influencer scores of participating users. Consequently, marketers will probably find this data useful when it comes to advertising and finding a way to drive continual traffic to the brands’ Pinterest boards by using contest pinboards and promoting them on online display ad channels to consistently remind users of Pinterest. What will benefit marketers even further if Pinterest pulls off its near-future plan about user segmentation and audience profile databases is an understanding of their followers’ psychographic and demographic profiles and their lifetime value – priceless data for marketers to maintain and gain potential followers.

Pinterest seems to be getting a good grip of the social media landscape and how to stay relevant. Marketers should probably do the same thing, if they aren’t involved with Pinterest already as the platform still has promising room to grow. So, Pinterest anybody? Why not?


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