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Watch. Click. Buy.

We all know that YouTube has become an incredibly useful and engaging marketing channel for brands, big and small alike. However, it is often difficult to measure a direct correlation between video views and sales. We can assume that consumers are more likely to make a purchase after viewing a brand’s YouTube channel if they had a positive impression of it, but there is simply not a way to measure whether there is a direct link from video views to sales. Until now.

Although the concept of a “shoppable video or ad” has been in development for quite some time, YouTube has recently improved its technology around shoppable ads to make it a reality for brands. The idea behind a shopppable video is that consumers can watch a branded video and a muted box will hover over items that can be purchased. If a user clicks on one of these boxes, a new web page is opened where the consumer can browse the shopping page and purchase the exact item featured in the video.  However, one problem the technology still faces is that when a user is brought to the shopping page, the video is paused creating a disruption to the consumer experience.

This new technology has been especially attractive to fashion retailers. The 2012 Digital IQ Index: Fashion found that “90% of fashion brands maintain a YouTube channel and their investment in digital video is driving engagement and traffic.” According to YouTube, four in ten shoppers visited a store in person or online after watching a video and 34% or apparel shoppers said they were more likely to make a purchase after viewing an online video.  Shoppable videos will allows brand to calculate an exact number of correlation between video views and purchase.

Although the technology is still in beta, major fashion retailers Juicy Couture and ASOS have employed the new technology. Juicy launched a shoppable video on YouTube earlier this month that features supermodel Candice Swanepoel poolside “California dreaming” about an alternate universe where maids carry pink packages and cats wear jewels. During the video, you can click on bathing suit and jewelry Swanepoel is wearing and purchase it on the Juicy Couture site. Juicy Couture is also promoting its shoppable video through social media using the hashtag #GiveMeWhatIWant along with in-stream ads in the video.  ASOS’s shoppable also features a celebrity, Ellie Goulding, in her holiday music video and users can hover over items featured in the video to be taken directly to the ASOS site.

The shoppable video technology is currently free on YouTube; however, both Juicy Couture and ASOS have purchased ads on YouTube to promote the shoppable video.

Lisa Green, head of industry apparel at Google, explains “the idea is to help people, advertisers in particular, drive from YouTube to an actual site. It makes it more actionable and specific…it’s about  being able to take advantage of that magic moment when you’re watching a video and want to buy it.” This explains the inherent value it has to brands and marketers alike. It creates an avenue for brands to integrate their e-commerce sites with their videos in a more seamless manner. With just one click, consumers can purchase what they want when they see it. It is important that marketers integrate this new technology with other marketing efforts.



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