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Fab.com Lets Social Marketing Work

On this cyber Monday, I thought I would take a moment to highlight the social marketing success of the ever-addictive shopping site, Fab.com.

From its inception, Fab.com has used social marketing tactics to build and develop a strong network of online members. By crowdsoucing the site connects shoppers with design products.  As described in a recent New York Times article, Fab.com established a strong “influencer base” through Facebook ads, soliciting those who “liked certain flash-sale sites, design magazines, design blogs or designers” to join, thus building a following before launching the company.

From there the ripple effect took off, acquiring new sellers and loyal buyers by allowing conversations to happen online and then capitalizing on the online observations.

The site is built to be an online discussion. Well-composed photos of household “conversation pieces”, collected and organized in easy ways to pin, post and share online. Plus the site rewards you for sharing and influencing in your own way through points.

Open about their heavy customer surveillance, Fab.com claims that those who use the site’s crowdsourcing features are more likely to make purchases than those who don’t. By attracting people to the site through design conversation pieces and then providing the vehicles to share and converse are fueling sales. Fab.com is projecting revenue near $140 million in 2013.

So, like good restaurants and books which can earn their way to fame through word of mouth, perhaps Fab.com has found the ecommerce version of word of mouth success.

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