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Cyber Monday’s Biggest Contributor: Social Media

Have you ever wondered how Cyber Monday come from when you are intrigued by various online deals? The term was created by marketing companies who wanted to persuade people to shop online, and made its debut on November 28, 2005. Cyber Monday is the one comes after the Friday of the thanksgiving. Since 2010, Cyber Monday has been the biggest online shopping day of the year; and this year, the sales it generated reached $1.5 billion.


Top Search Term: Cyber Monday deals

According to google trend, the top 5 website that people went on Cyber Monday are: cybermonday.com, retailmenot.com, savings.com, gottadeal.com. The graph shows those website had obvious rebound traffic on Cyber Monday, compare to the stable traffic of amazon.com.



Most popular cyber Monday product

TV monitor, Clothes, camera, computer items, gaming bundle, jewelry

Social Media played a big role on this day.

2012, 57% of people use social media for finding discounts; 51% of them reading reviews

Retailers have been learning how to use social media to engage customers, and they can have the best practice on Cyber Monday by trying sales campaigns and customer service. Customers were encouraged to use social media tools, including text messages, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and websites to get deals and freebies. Those advertisers can notice that during Cyber Monday, the social media had higher conversion rate (addshoppers graph), which created an impact on eCommerce similar to what it did on Black Friday. Facebook had 300% higher than its historical conversion rate, which is the No.1of social media. However, email seemed to be the most effective tool, which had 14.15% conversion rate. In terms of average order value, no one better than Pinterest, which is $226.53, partly due to its full of exquisite images that triggered customers’ desires.



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