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Is social media marketing a waste of time?

No. But we need to remember that social media is not a magic wand for doing business. Yes a lot of people interact with social media every second, but that doesn’t mean it can replace business as usual.

This is in response to an op-ed piece from Mashable (http://mashable.com/2012/11/28/jerry-maguire-social-media-marketing/) in which the author (Todd Wasserman) dismisses the abundance of social media marketing. He jumps to a lot of conclusions, citing very low Black Friday sales driven from social media referrals. Social media networks (Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube) generated only .34% of sales, while Twitter generated 0%. These numbers down 34% from last year. Wasserman goes on to “poking” fun at the emphasis put on “likes” on Facebook, and how the click of a button doesn’t equal real human sentiment. He brings up how Facebook is very inefficient at getting your message to large groups of people and that customer interaction is only good if customer service is most important to you. His last point however is what makes the otherwise dull piece kind of rewarding. He reminds us that for a business to be successful they need to have a product  or service that is desired and good. That will ultimately get people to “like” your brand. Social media in part with a well thought out advertising plan will let people know who you are, what you’re about, where they can find you, etc. But it will be a good product or service that keeps them coming back. Social media is a great thing, but it is definitely not the only thing.

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