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Predict Customers’ Behavior with Analytics and Big Data

In the age of Big Data, companies have now the ability of predicting purchasing behavior of their customers and even recommend them new products/services to buy that they even know they want.

Using the power of Analytics, composed of statistical algorithms, to crunch the huge volume of historical data generated by all the interactions done between the company and their customers, enterprises are able to create mathematical models describing exactly how different groups of customers will react to different marketing/promotions stimuli.

The more we consumers interact with companies, when we “surf” the web, use Social Media, make Online Shopping, use APPs in our smart-phones or even calling Customer Support, the more information we give them.

Then using statistical analysis our information is grouped in “clusters” of consumers with the same behavior and they can easily predict what we are going to do next based on what others like us have done.

So, next time you use Social Media to tell your friends what you have been doing, think better the value of this information that you are giving to companies for free.

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