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Brands engage with customers by using Instagram Web Profiles

Within only two years, Instrgram has become one of the most popular social networks. As of September 2012, Instagram had 100 million registered users. Earlier this month, Instagram began rolling out new web profiles, which makes it possible for brands to showcase their web profiles across mutimedia channels. Prior to this, there was an argument that these web profiles were unnecessary and didn’t lead to a dramatic increase in traffic. But now, Instagram has launched new Badges to help brands advertise and get more customers to look at their profiles.


There are three easy steps to create your own Badge, as the pictures show below. Companies can then place these Instagram icons on their brands’ websites or blogs, encouraging one-click access to profiles, which give brands a different way to interact with consumers and show off their promotions, brand experiences and new products in an emotional and genuine way.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 10.36.37 PM

Brands are showing enthusiasm and engaging with their customers by using Instagram. Ben & Jerry’’s, the ice cream giant, recently began using Instagram pictures from its consumers for an new advertising campaign. The company is asking fans to share their Instagram pictures that capture the theme “euphoria” by tagging their photos “#captureEuphoria”. Then the company will feature some of its favorites in their ice cream ads in their neighborhoods. The company said that this is their way of saying thanks for all the Instragram love and giving back to its community.

I think Ben & Jerry’s is doing a good job by using Instragram to engage with its consumers, encouraging more people to view their Instagram profile, and providing an interactive and stimulating consumer experience. The campaign has been getting a pretty good response since its roll out. In this way, Ben & Jerry’s is taking advantage of the new Instagram Badges.



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