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My personal experience implementing what I’ve learnt from Rob.

Three years ago I decided to introduce the family business to something called the world-wide-web. After twenty years in the business I felt like we had to do something to spice things up and appeal to the younger generations. We did two things, develop a website and signed up for all three social media websites (facebook, twitter and instagram). I am happy now that rob was not there to ask me why I did all that, because I did not have a specific objective in doing so, the only idea in my head was “any company is supposed to have a website” and “cool companies have social media account”.


A couple of months later I left to the US and someone who did exactly nothing managed the online accounts, this resulted in “nothing” happening on our online account. July this year I decided to manage the accounts myself and put one main objective of raising awareness of our company in the Saudi online community, hoping that more people talking about us will result in more people wanting to check us out. Another minor objective was to increase the number of followers or fans we had to become in the middle of other “cool” Saudi companies who were more active online.


I am happy to say that until today, my minor objective has been accomplished, going up from 900 fans on facebook in june 2012 to 14,000 today. I have been experimenting with social media, especially facebook while we have taken this amazing Ecom class, and discovered that the more I spend on facebook the more engagement I get in return. However, its engagement in quantity but not quality, even though I restrict my adds to target facebook users in Saudi Arabia I tend to get many fans, likes and comments from people who are from random countries. This is a mystery that I have not yet resolved.


Lesson #1 in class was to never take shortcuts, yet my curiosity could not resist the random comment I received saying “get more fans NOW”.  I paid a small amount to receive 500 fans immediately, which surprisingly happened quite fast. After that day, I started receiving random comments about buying more fans, which is obviously something you do not want your customers to see.

Curiosity killed the cat, hopefully it doesn’t affect my social media image. 

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