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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a main trend in marketing for any kind of business. Even a very small business such as a street booth selling food in Taiwan uses social media to advertise their business. I remember when last year I went back to Taiwan, I stopped by a street booth to buy foods and they asked me to use Facebook to check in so that I could get a 20 % discount. It surprised me a lot because it was just a small street booth on the street. They know how important social media is and they know the benefits and advantages of social media can bring them a better turnover.


This article tells us that social media is more than just a tool for looking at pictures of your friends or yourself. It’s become a tool with unlimited power that should be used in any kind of business. Obviously, you’re more likely to listen to your friend. After all, she hasn’t been paid to recommend that product or business. She gains nothing if you do or don’t try it. She’s simply telling you what she loves or appreciates and that’s a powerful endorsement for any business. Now all you have to do is get those powerful endorsements.

There are many advantages of using social media. Low cost is the best benefit for any kind of business. Especially for small businesses, which don’t have much of a budget on advertising, social media is your best choice.

Another big benefit of social media is the creation of buzz & hype surrounding your brand. Most marketers these days seem to believe that word-of-mouth advertising is better than traditional media but that it is harder to do and there are pitfalls. Simplified, you have to get consumers talking about your brand or store, and get them talking about you in a good way. Easier said than done, no doubt. However, social media is the best tool to create buzz and word of mouth advertising for you. There are many other benefits of using social media.

The more details please read the article at: http://www.ondigital.co.za/social-media-marketing/social-media-benefits/


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