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Why is brand authenticity important?

In an increasingly crowded market where every advertiser is trying to bombard consumers with twisted messages and fictitious experiences, consumers are drawn towards a brand, which is original, engaging, sincere, human and committed to deliver what they promise. Companies like Toms, Jetblue, Redbull and Nike have something in common, they all have authenticity at their core. Consumers search for greater meaning and sincerity from the brands they choose. When a brand shifts from its original story just to cash in more monbey from customers they sense it right away. Today, every brand is required to build its own primary source code for authenticity to stand out in the clutter and its not always about doing the right thing or being real. It is brand’s values the emotional connection it makes that truly define its realism. The brand story should echo in its communication.

Authenticity emerges from brands with a deep passion for what they are doing. The energy drink maker Red Bull has experienced great success within a short time by taking deep dives into various sports tribes and using the resulting insights to become more relevant–and therefore more authentic. Red Bull’s breakthrough initiatives are designed to make meaningful connections with the “red bull” generation while building brand awareness and preference. Over the years, Red Bull has undertaken many initiatives like under my wing, backyard digger, red bull trail but with the Red Bull Stratos initiative the company reaffirmed that there are no set rules in marketing. The company sponsored Felix Baumgartner, a fearless skydiver to plunge to earth from space. The breathtaking stunt took place on the 15th of October and more than 8 million people watched Felix Baumgartner become the first person to break the sound barrier, starting in a freefall 128,000 feet above the Earth. The stunt was covered by press as well as mentioned roughly 10,000 times on Red Bull’s Facebook page alone within 40 minutes of the fall. It is not only the initiatives that make’s Red Bull special but also the experiences and the connections that it allows the consumer’s to make and feel inspired, making the brand more authentic.


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