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Your 12-Point Checklist for Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages

According to a new report from Cisco, the global mobile data use almost tripled between 2009 and 2010. However, the most surprising information they offer is that they expect mobile data use to increase by a factor of 26 by 2015, and much of that growth will come from users who don’t even have electricity at home.

Everybody knows that the mobile device usage now is growing day by day. For example, almost everyone has a smartphone and plays with it all day long. Moreover, nowadays people stick with a mobile device and almost can’t live without it. Therefore, it is so important for marketers to know how to manage the mobile-optimized landing pages. 

This article gives us an example of Disney. Who knew “It’s a Small World,” that cloying little ditty you can’t get out of your head for hours after taking a 12-minute motorized gondola ride, would foretell the future of marketing? 

For digital marketers, even as the opportunities expand, the playing field is shrinking — to a space about 2 inches by 3 inches: the smartphone screen. Also shrinking is its time to reach consumers: 75 percent of online searchers take action within a few hours, and 36 percent of them take action immediately.

Therefore, as a marketer, you must learn how to optimize your landing pages for mobile marketing, too. I mean, you will not want to lose out on lead generation opportunities with your mobile audience–an audience that’s getting bigger by the day. So this post is going to tell you the best practices for optimizing your landing pages for mobile devices.

Here are 12 important points for mobile-Optimized landing pages: 

1) Be Visible

2) Scale to Size

3) Be Concise

4) Be Available

5) Think “Two Thumbs Down”

6) Be Slim

7) Think Local

8) Use Simple Forms

9) Be Fast

10) Get to the Point

11) Be Legible

12) Don’t Trust. Test.

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