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Coke Zero Let You Be Bond

Coke Zero teamed up with the studio of new James Bond movie, Skyfall, creating the campaign “Unlock the 007 In You.” The video went viral in one week, with over 27,000 likes. There seemed to be just a normal Coke Zero vending machine in a busy train station. After consumers bought a coke, they were offered free tickets to the movie as long as they got to platform six in 70 seconds. When consumers press the button, the screen on the vending machine turned to a big countdown watch. However, in order to make it more like a mission, there were plenty of distractions and obstacles set in the way to make it harder. At the end of mission, participants were asked to sing the rhythm of 007 song, and then got the tickets.
Bringing experience to the consumer has been crucial for the success of a campaign. Instead of letting the consumers be the third person watching the show, “Unlock the 007 In You” let the consumers perform the show.

The goal of this campaign was to promote the movie Skyfall, driving people to theaters. The campaign not only successfully enhanced the awareness dramatically of the movie, but also strengthens the brand image of both Coke Zero and James Bond by engaging people, both those participating in the video and watching outside. Furthermore, it was effective because they caught the key insight of consumers—people think themselves cool and adventurous, in other words, they have an “inner 007.” Thus consumers participating in the video and watching the video built the emotional connection with Skyfall. The campaign excited existing James Bond fans and encouraged those who don’t really watch 007 movies to make a trial.

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