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Never Lost in Macy’s With Its New GPS App

I barely go to malls when I know exactly what product I want to buy. For me, it is frustrating to go back and forth, downstairs and upstairs, but still can’t find the thing I want. Especially in today’s world, people are pressed and have no time to hang around if they are not in the shopping mode. In addition, customers are more and more powerful. Product reputation, shopping environment, traffic and deals are all factors that influence a customer’s decision. Also, online shopping is quite convenient and empowers shoppers to choose where they want to go, in what way they want to shop.

However, online shopping costs more on shipping and you need to wait a couple of days for your package. Also, shopping online lacks customer experience which is the biggest disadvantage. With this situation, Macy’s jumped on the chance to fill the needs of those customers who want to shop in store but hate wasting time finding things. In November 2012, Macy’s introduced its indoor GPS app. According to PSFK, “The indoor positioning and navigation experience lets users search or tap on the map feature to discover different departments, brands, and other points of interest.” By clicking the “Take me here” button, customers can be directed to the destination easily.

As the first major retailer to introduce an indoor GPS feature, Macy’s took a forward step. It found customers needs that they are overwhelmed by too much information and offered a solution by engaging new technologies. Mobile GPS marketing has big potential because of the increasing number of smartphone owners and the change of their shopping behavior. By offering this new feature, Macy’s has a new platform to attract more customers and do more indoor promotion. It also has the potential to cooperate with other smartphone apps such as FourSquare, Yelp and GroupOn.

This handy app has some cons, however. It can only be used in Macy’s Herald Square store in NYC. It is only designed for the iPhone. Also, it might have problems if the app cannot work indoors because many stores have poor signal. Another risk is the accuracy of navigation. Since product placement in malls changes all the time, when the map is not updated and directs customers to the wrong place, the dissatisfaction may leave a bad brand image to customers.


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