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Social Media Distraction Cost U.S Economy $650 billion per year

You may think it’s harmless to check out a tweet or respond personal message on Facebook when you are at work. But the simple movements generate extra $650 billion per-year for the United States alone, or- $4,452 per company. If you have no idea how much it is? It’s more than Google, Chevron and Chase bank combined.

It has been proved these social media distraction hugely destroyed employees’ productivity. 1 out of 10 workers spends more time on the internet than they actually do working. Meanwhile, six out of ten people visited social media sites during work; included those who have no accessibility to internet at work. The most popular time wasting sites are Facebook (41%), Linkedin (37%), CNN (29%) and Amazon (25%). Ok, you may at least be glad since people are wasting time on job related things or news.

The time cost of responding the message is not the major cause of this situation; but the time to get back from the distraction. After responding the message, it usually took 23 minutes for those social media users to get back on task. The overall lost is 7 time more than smoke breaks’.

Some companies already put limitation to their employee’s social network accessibility. But for those companies who communicate through social media or do business though social media, it’s hard to find a fine line and prevent the leisure talks. Workforce will eventually filled by younger generation, whom are heavy social media addicts. As a consequence, this problem will only become harsher. Enterprises will eager to find solution before the situation become worse.

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