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My Super Digital Life in the past two years!!!

I came here to the states in October in 2010. I was studying English in Merrimack College. By the time I got to the states, I didn’t even think about getting a phone. Eventually, I got my Nokia flip phone because my friends need to call me to hang out sometimes. In January 2011, I moved to downtown Boston, living in the hotel for six months. I was still using the flip phone, watching the traditional TV in the hotel room, nothing seemed to be digital to me.

I got admitted in Emerson College and move into the apartment with my roommates. This actually started my super digital life. I bought a Samsung LED TV and upgraded the  internet speed to 20 MB with the high-definition channels in order to watch the Boston Celtics. Everything is digital now, I often watch three screens at the same time. I watch movies or dramas on Netflix on my Samsung LED TV. I check the Dealnews app on my new Samsung Galaxy S3 and I write the blog for assignment on my SONY VAIO laptop. When I have to pick up friends at the airport, I reserve the car by the Zipcar app and unlock the car by my smartphone. I have the Waze navigation app to tell me how to avoid the traffic jam through the bluetooth headphone. I bought a cup of coffee at Starbuck by the app and get the purchase record immediately.

It all happens in just two years and I am not a real digital guy or an early adopter. It’s just dramatic to me and I believe that this phenomena will keep going and even faster.  A lot of people are worried about the advanced technology might be harmful and want to have the “PAUSE” button. I think as a marketer, I must catch up for the trends and take advantage of it. I believe using the technology well is only a huge benefit to me.

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