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Technology Has Changed The Way We Learn

I think the technology definitely has changed the way we learn. I used to stay in the library and searched for information or answers on the books. Now, I just Google it immediately. The following are two examples how it has changed the way we learn.

For education: Listening to the teachers could be boring if there is no engagement. Not all students got passion in what they’re learning. The teachers have to interact with students and try to make the lecture more relevant to the students. Moreover, a lot of students are now being multi-taskers, they check their Facebook page and they chat with friends around the world during the class. They’re facing with the problem that not able to focus on one thing.

For the media like news: Because everybody with smartphones gets the news right away, the content are no longer official. There are a lot of rumors around on different channels. People now barely watch news or read newspaper, they watch Facebook status and read tweets to get what’s going on around the world.

It’s an global issue in any developed countries. The world is just tiny as the laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Parents don’t really want their children leave behind others. The schools have to prepare the equipment for the students. The children are growing up with these tools and gradually use to the technology.

Thinking as a future marketer, the marketing has to be customer-centric. Since the customers are receiving over 5000 messages, what’s the best touch point and what’s relevant to the customers is the huge issue. The information is abundant in the internet, and they can get different reviews of products in seconds. How to use the technology properly and manage the brand image and word of mouth is the top priority.

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