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Tesco in South Korea – Homeplus

Tesco has a different name in South Korea, Homeplus. Homeplus is a supermarket chain in South Korea. Compare to its major competitor, E-Mart, Homeplus has fewer  number of stores than E-Mart. However, the company has become the most convenient grocery chain because Home Plus put the merchants to the customers.

South Korea has advanced technology and internet speed, almost everybody has a smartphone. Most of the Koreans are too busy to go grocery shopping because it’s crowded and they think that time is money. Homeplus has the solution that to bring the stores to the customers. They set up virtual grocery stores in locations like subway stations. When the Koreans are waiting for the train, they are able to use the time finish shopping by their smartphones. The pictures of the products are on the walls of the station. What make this feasible? Each item has a different  QR code. The customers can simply use the phone camera and scan the codes. Once the items will  be automatically in the shopping cart and pay with the smartphones immediately. Moreover, the items will be packed and then delivered to the house after the customers get home. After they did this campaign, the number of new registered members rose by 76% and online sales increased 130%. Currently, Homeplus has become No.1 in online market and is a very close 2nd offline.

All of this is about customer-centric. Companies like Homeplus, thinking as consumers and evaluate the possibility. Taking the advantage that  super advanced technology to bring the stores to the customers. The customers are able to use their time for waiting for the train or bus to order the products, not staring at the wall and do nothing.

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