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Listen to consumers online

As a marketer, it is important to listen the story of your consumers. Actually, listening to your consumers is more important than talking about yourself. Listening makes marketers get more updated information and better know your consumers. Some people think that Search and Tracking are two main types of listening tools for online marketing. I just think about that analytics tools give us smarter and convenient ways to collect data of consumers. But the problem is that what kind of data is reliable and valuable? Try to listen to your consumers like friends. Try to get their words that they write in their diaries.


 But how many people still write a diary?  Try to think about the Internet world differently. People update their status and upload photos to express what they are experiencing and thinking. However, the question is, do all of them really express themselves truly? It is likely that many people online just do something routine; rather than sharing their actual habits and preferences, they are just following a trend. For instance, someone may post something they really want to share with others, but they will still keep their deep and real thoughts in their diaries. This is a concern about the self-expression and social media. Someone put a few real “words” into heart and someone keep real words in mind. When we create websites or advertisements online, we may target consumers through different categories with various web analytics tools. But do consumers’ online behaviors convey the correct messages to us? The concept of consumer-centric encourages us to explore consumers’ needs, but what we should do is to think more deeply than consumers, explore their needs in mind and find creative ideas that can attract the target consumers.

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