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ONCE UPON A TIME… I fell in love with Under Armour!


I started buying Under Amour (UA) active gear few months ago, and I literally fell in love with the brand. What I like most about it, is not only its cutting edge and sexy awesome designs, but also the feeling that its sport gear are so light with no rolling, sliding or moving around. I just feel damn sexy when I work out with an Under Armour something on me. But as much as I would love to keep going praising UA active hot sexy gear, what amazes the most, is its digital presence on the web, and how the company is getting more and more closer to its customers by keeping them engaged with the brand through a wonderful presence online.

How so?

Well, every time I go online to look up something new about Under Armour, I always end up reading some articles here and there about the company and its digital marketing strategy. An internet presence -social media oriented- that is leading the company toward a massive success.

Less than three days ago, I came across this article published in February 11, 2011 by Mark J. Miller on brandchannel.com about Under Armour online presence, and how the brand is becoming a successful business. The article talks about how the company is using social media to appeal to its customers and prospects, and keep them engaged through Facebook and Twitter.

First things first: UA Target Market
Under Armour began marketing towards male collegiate athletes between the ages of 17 and 23; however, they have expanded their target market to include men, women, and youth. They still focus on marketing and selling their products to consumers for use in athletics, fitness, and outdoor activities. Under Armour’s prestige pricing leads them to market towards consumers who are financially stable and stable in their careers. Their demographic segmentation covers a wide area of the family life cycle. However, their main focus is still towards younger consumers in the family life cycle, who are social media savvy. Bottom line, Under Armour is marketing toward men and women of all ages who maintain an active lifestyle, its main focus remains toward runners and athletes.


Whether on Facebook or Twitter, Under Armour is utilizing frequency of social media in order to create a long lasting, memorable brand image.

So how’s the company doing so far on Facebook?

With over 2,150,933 likes, and 57 605 people talking about it, Under Armour Facebook page includes a great amount of reviews, comments, exclusive texts, images and videos. But probably the most interesting part of UA Facebook page is the Stories tab, which has reader-submitted text, video, or images about how people are experiencing the brand, but also a place where customers and prospects post there reviews,  submit their requests, or seek information about specific products. Here under are some recent examples and feedback from Under Armour.





Along with that, UA Facebook page features stories of celebrity endorsers. Mark J. Miller used the example of George St.Pierre from Montreal who posted the following:

“When you’re the champion, you’re always just one fight away from losing everything. That’s what’s in my mind every day. That’s why I train the way I do—two times a day, six days a week, all year long…”

This post definitely supports Under Armour’s mission that is to make all athletes better through passion, science, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. The high-brand equity that the company has created through social media and Facebook has led to a high-brand loyalty.

How about Twitter?

The official Under Armour® Twitter account “UA Makes All Athletes Better”, has over 142000 followers with more 5500 tweet as of Tuesday, December 11, 2012. The company is consistently posting new information about its products, events, and contests. Twitter has also become a great portal for the company’s fans to post their daily stories, to keep engaged via contests for photos and ads that intrigue.




The bottom line is that Under Armour is extremely active on the social-media side and is willing to try new things on a consistent basis. The company is clearly trying to engage its different audiences in many different ways, but uses its main site as kind of safe, uniform zone where consumers don’t have to feel heavily engaged.

In his conclusion, Mark J. Miller thinks that Under Armour is effectively handling its mission of engaging people with the brand. The amount of social media the company is after and involved with is also a “lovely” indicator of just how much Under Armour is trying to engage customers.

“Almost makes you want to buy a $275 University Red Men’s Hooper Jacket.”


Source: http://www.brandchannel.com/features_webwatch.asp?ww_id=520

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