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Social Hollywood: The Beauty Inside


With the emergence of social media marketing has come a very unique segue into the world of filmmaking – the birth of social films. A social film is a new way of story telling using the power of social media. The production of the film is highly interactive, drawing in viewers to participate in the process – whether it be through plot development, script writing or even acting.

Just this August, Intel and Toshiba got together to market the latest Toshiba product – the Protégé Ultrabook – by releasing a social film via Facebook. Coined “The Beauty Inside,” this film is about a guy named Alex who wakes up a different person each morning – man/woman; young/old; lanky/athletic; good-looking/not-so-good-looking. But he is still the same guy inside, and the same owner of the chic Protégé Ultrabook.  Alex loves this facet of his interesting life – no one day is the same. However, when he meets the “love of his life,” everything changes.

Directed by Sundance Film Festival winner, Drake Doremus, “The Beauty Inside” is a series of mini web episodes that is powered by social media and only shown on Facebook. Each week, auditions were held wherein aspiring actors auditioned for the part of Alex by uploading either a video or photo taken using a laptop camera. Doremus and his team would pick videos and photos from the audition tapes and would include it in the next episode. The Beauty Inside Facebook page gave consumers and enthusiasts a rundown of the audition mechanics, a link to watch the episodes, behind-the-scenes snapshots and interviews, and engaging conversations via Alex’s timeline. The six-episode social film has garnered thousands of followers and more than a million views, providing both Intel and Toshiba amazing marketing mileage.

The storyline is so unique and captivating that a lot of viewers were so inspired and motivated to join in on the co-creation of the film, that hundreds of auditions were submitted via Facebook. If you watch the film, you can see how creative the entries were that it makes you realize that people did not just want to be “part” of the film, they were serious about the role they were playing. This just proves the point that consumers want to be heard and they want to be part of the brand conversation. Moreover, producing a short film that had actual consumers and brand enthusiasts as part of the cast also intensified “sharing” mode as the cast quickly broadcasted the film to their own social networks.

Through the course of this semester, we have learned the power of social media engagement. With this tool, brands have become stronger – resonating with their target publics more by creating and maintaining avenues to have conversations with them. Social films are a new and exciting way to do this. Producing a film where viewers get to be part of it takes brand relations to an even higher level, widening the space for interaction and narrowing the gap between the brand and the consumer. The best part? You get to show your brand (product or service) all the time and as many times you want. This venture was so successful that Intel and Toshiba are extending the viewing of the episodes through Facebook.

To learn more about the social film, visit: http://www.thebeautyinsidefilm.com/



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