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How Social Media Impacts TV and Film Ratings


Social media is a great way to get users excited about TV shows and movies. These new forms of technology and innovative business models are transforming the media landscape.

Kay M. Madati, head of entertainment and media and global marketing solutions at Facebook, discussed this and the effect of social media on entertainment at Mashable‘s Media Summit. According to Madati, the “Big 5″ broadcast networks — ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the CW — collectively launched about 25-30 shows this season, but only about six will survive. Madati said “Even the shows that are considered hits…they’re seeing lower and lower ratings,” “So the challenge, or the opportunity, for content producers in the [entertainment] space is: How do you get people aware of your content across multiple platforms?”

Before discussing the issue, first, I think TV and Film they have different lifespans. The film business, the social media or advertising for movies means pushing fans to the box office, but in the television business, getting viewers to actually tune in on the night of premiere. Therefore, social media may help maintain interest with the show week after week, and keep fans engaged, perhaps turning them from casual viewers to regulars.

What do you do about keeping that content relevant and the fans that you’re engaging around that content excited when it’s not on television?” Madati said. “That’s where the before, during and after [an episode] framework comes in. He also suggested that pages include content related to the show but not necessarily tied to it, keeping the audience connected to the story, even between seasons.

As for movies, think about when you want to see a movie, we usually ask friends first if they’ve seen it and liked it. Social media is just the digitized version of “word of mouth.” Social networks like Facebook can connect people to share their thoughts on a new piece of entertainment. Recently, I just saw the movie, Life of Pi, because of word of mouth on Facebook, drawing me to it through social media. 

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