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Instagram Declares War on Twitter, Social Media Loses


Having issues viewing some Instagram photos on Twitter? Few days ago, Twitter announced Instagram cuts support for Twitter cards, meaning that Instagram, the photo-sharing app that let user apply a range of effects, using different filters to pictures, no longer show up on Twitter, a popular place to share them.

You can still post your Instagrams on Twitter, in the sense that a link will appear to Instagram’s website. Instagram made an active decision to disable the ability to show its photos properly within tweets, knowing full well the consequences: making millions of users’ harder view it. It is an act of war between social media.

This represents the growing tension between the two companies, Facebook and Twitter, ever since Facebook bought Instagram this April. In the Internet age, data and dwell time are equal money because the amount of time visitors stay on a website is an important figure for advertisers choosing which sites to patronize. Facebook pushes to grow its mobile revenue. In this way, Instagram’s website gets more clicks, especially from mobile. Instagram and parent company Facebook were to conspire to make Twitter look bad, this is probably the first move they’d make.

“The companies obviously realize how important photos are to getting users to share and interact on the web, so it looks like the competition isn’t stopping any time soon,” wrote Eliza Kern for GigaOM.

However, the only victim here is the user; the hundred million Instagram users, the hundred million-plus active Twitter users — is that social media became a little less cozy. 

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