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Kids and Boxes


It is true. Kids love boxes. Mom could spend the entire day trying to reach the target audience by offering toys that surround them with little success. Toys that were purchased after searching for the best price, the highest review rating and free two day shipping are superseded by the lowly box. Interactive and sticky, tracking the time spent playing with one box reveals the young consumer is engaged and enjoying the site. The features are few (easily repairable parts, recyclable components) and the benefits are many: extended occupation of young minds, fifteen minutes straight of dinner preparation, free daily upgrades and crayon ready exteriors. Endless hours spent climbing in and out while bending and tearing to fit every need creates a loyal, lifelong advocate. The measure of a successful cardboard campaign being whether or not the consumer falls asleep inside their cardboard condo by three o’clock in the afternoon. Learn a lesson from the box: keep it simple and fun.

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