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Life Without Cable

I never enjoyed paying for networks that go unused. I never watch the SYFY channel. Same for TVLand and the Golf Channel. Why should I pay for them. I long for the day when I can pick and choose the networks I am interested in watching and pay a monthly subscription price for just those channels.

Hulu Plus is more economical than cable but I still would like to have the opportunity to pay for just the channels I want. Apple TV gives me the opportunity to rent movies or television shows without driving to RedBox or walking out to my mailbox to retrieve my Netflix rental but it doesn’t offer ESPN or the NFL Network.

The interior digital antenna gives me the local ABC,CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS affiliates to take care of most of my time-based content needs for free in high definition. I would gladly sit through a limited amount of commercials if the advertisements helped me get only content that I choose. Cable providers must innovate and find a way to alter their entertainment offerings before consumers move completely towards internet TV and it is too late. We have content on command, why not content I command?

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