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The Power of Digital Publishing

A tweet said that three inches flooding on the floor of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) picked up enough attention on the day of Sandy, which reported by CNN and The Weather Channel finally. However, ironically, the tweet turned out to be a rumor at last.

I watched the CNN clip on You Tube (link below). The news anchor spoke as clearly and undoubtedly as usual, “according to the national service to broadcast media, there were three feet of water on the trading floor on wall street…… Erin (news reporter) has spent a lot of time on that floor.” Screen changed to Erin, and she began to explain how awful the situation would be. Unexpectedly, NYSE told CNB moments later that this report was not true.

Besides blaming CNN that they didn’t confirm the credibility of this information, we have to admit that social media has become a new and convenient source to gain information to us, especially when breaking news happen. I still remember that just a simple tweet saved a Japanese women’s life; I have also seen many famous people apologized for their non-sensible tweet in public. This is the power of on-line publishing. Though sometimes it is sloppy and more susceptible than traditional media (this does not apply to Chinese media), it is more speedy and flexible. No matter someone posts false news intentionally or not, he/she will be corrected by the public in a very short time.

Digital publishing, especially social media has turned out to be an incredible power in China considering Chinese political situation. Different from the U.S.A., many Chinese people are more willing to believe the social media than traditional media, because it represents the “real” voice coming from the public. I have seen many government officials got punished because their behaviors exposed and “shared” online.

Digital publishing continues demonstrating its power in this society. 

CNN clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNVIdq1hFo0Image

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