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“Here’s why I like Social Media… Because it sells S&^T!”

This is a video of Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote speech at the Inc 500 2011 seminar. For those of you that don’t know Gary, he is a great presenter and has become an expert in the field of social media. He has written a few books that are must reads for anyone trying to understand social media and how it can be an asset to any business. The first time I saw him speak in person was in 2009 at the Barnes and Nobles in Kenmore square when he was there for a book signing of his recently released book “Crush It”. It was an intimate setting with only 20 or 30 people in the audience. Since that day I have read “Crush It” and “The Thank You Economy”. The reason he wrote the book and what got me hooked is his passion for building brand equity and creating content that is now available for the masses to see.

In the keynote video above Gary does a great job of explaining the the evolution of culture shifts and how we have transitioned from a culture of Push marketing to Pull. I think this video is a great way to sum up our ecomm class from this semester and the benefits of embracing the shifts in marketing.

The video is long but it has tremendous value and is entertaining. There is quite a bit of explicit language but his passion comes through and I believe everyone watching will learn something new.

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