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New marketing opportunities with Spotify’s new features

Recently, Spotify announced the launch of its new Follow tab, which brings fans and artists closer than ever before. Users can choose their followings, share their music with the world, and find people with the same interests. Now, you can listen to the same music as Lady Gaga, when she is preparing for a concert in Europe while you are making yourself breakfast. Now, people have an opportunity to find and share their musical voices through different social networks and become part of the “discovery revolution.”


In addition, the new Discover tab features a new and entirely personal way of discovering music on Spotify. The big idea of this new tab is to let Spotify seek out more personal recommendations for different users in order to better meet their needs and interests. This new feature includes providing users with new single and album releases of artists they follow, sharing all the music and playlist of influencers they follow and making recommendations based on the music they listen to. These latest updates are available across desktop, mobile and new web players based on people’s listening habits.

These new features of Spotify provide a great opportunity for marketers to figure out their target market’s interests by thinking about the type of playlist they would respond to or the kind of song subject that fits the company’s products or campaigns. Then, the company can build relevant contents around that. This will also be a way to collect consumer data and insights. Even though well thought-out pieces of original content such as blog posts, video, photo and other media are valuable assets for online marketing, creating a piece of content around an interactive playlist can be more compelling.

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