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Raising Critical Thinkers in the Digital Age


The link above is to a Mashable article that talks about raising your kids to be critical thinkers in the digital age. I was excited to read what they had to say on the topic. Then disappointed about half way through, culminating in full-on head shaking aggravation when I finished the article. The article uses the word “curate” in four specifically modern situations to instruct parents on how to raise young critical thinkers. These headlines could easily be: Choose your friends wisely, don’t trust everything you read, put your toys away, and don’t take candy from strangers. You know, the way people have been raising kids for years. I could rant about this for thousands of words, instead I’ll use it as a bridge to rant about ethical marketing in the digital age.

I’ll keep this short. Marketing itself is fiction. Fiction is a lie. Everybody understands this and  it becomes a cost of doing business. But when we remove the fiction portion of the equation we are left with marketing and lies. Pop ups that look like our desktop, banner ads that drag us through a rabbit hole of information snatchers, and everything else that uses deception to get a click through is a marketing lie. We will probably all find ourselves in a situation where data or stats will win over a subjective human opinion, even if it shouldn’t. Reaching for those high marks in click throughs or other data will try and cloud your judgement, don’t let it. Not only are deceiving ads annoying, but they are wrong on a moral  level. Make sure ethics has a place in your marketing toolkit.

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