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Technology that is Changing the Game

Back in June I came across an article on http://www.springwise.com titled, “App enables sports fans to upgrade their tickets in-game”. The app and company is known as Pogoseat. I am an avid sports fan and have been fortunate enough throughout my 31 years to attend hundreds of live sporting events all over the country in many different venues. The in-game experience can be quite different depending on the sport or venue. An example here in Boston is for the most part at the most beloved ballpark in baseball Fenway Park. Most of the stadium is accessible no matter what ticket you have (a few exceptions being the monster seats, and bleachers). Throughout the game if you can identify empty seats chances are you can attempt to sit there. If unlucky, the actual ticket owner may show up and your journey to find another seat begins again. In other parts of the country for instance New York, if you don’t have tickets for that section you will be turned away regardless if the section is half empty. Pogoseat eliminates the guessing game of which seats are still available and allows you to legitimately upgrade your seat for a price. After reading the article I decided to investigate Pogoseat’s website and some questions came to mind. I wanted to know what venues and teams were participating? What happens if the ticket was sold but the original owner is late to the event? Are the available seats just those that were not sold at the box office? Most importantly how is price determined for the upgraded seats (is it based on time elapsed or the game situation)? Unsure of these answers I emailed the company’s support email on June 29, 2012. I was pleasantly surprised 4 days later with a response from one of the co-founders Abel Cuskelly. He answered my questions, so I thought I would share them with all of you:

“Hi Jonathan,

That makes us happy to hear! We are currently in beta testing and not officially live to the general public yet anywhere although we will be very soon.

Pogoseat supply is sourced only from the team’s unsold seat inventory and the team’s season ticket holders that can’t make the game who turn over their seats in to us day of the game to sell for them on the pogoseat seat upgrade platform. So there’s no worries of a double seat booking happening.

On average, 26% of sports event seats go unsold- this includes what the team didn’t sell and also other seats such as the ones their primary distributor was not able to sell for them. These get uploaded into our system which reflects the available seats for fans to upgrade to on our app. We have integrated with some ticketing companies already to automate this process.

Price is determined by a host of factors including- Currently primarily just the original seat location, time left in game and any promotional discount the team wants to apply. We are working on adding game (score/opponent/players), weather and some other factors into the algorithm.

Are you a big sports or concert fan Jonathan? Visit our homepage pogoseat.com and leave us your email & zip so we can let you know when we launch live officially in your city.”

Taking all of this into perspective, I applaud Abel and Pogoseat for creating a solution to maximize the fan experience at live sporting events or concerts. The fact that they have identified a way for mobile based technology to enhance the consumer experience is great to see. It is also nice to see that the co-founder of the company was willing to take time and answer questions from a random fan. If Pogoseat continues to develop systems to identify consumers wants and desires and integrate a solution through the use of new technology to solve them than I think they will be very successful. They have created a unique way for both consumers and teams/venues to take advantage of a supply/demand based market.

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