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Zipcar uses iPhone app to engage with their customers

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment

As we discussed, Mobile phone has been one of the most important parts in people’s life. There are many new applications that are created for smart phone users and make people’s life more convenient. Many companies start using mobile app to engage with their customers. One of the examples is Zipcar. Zipcar, a membership based car-sharing company providing automobile rental to its membership, has unveiled a new application for iPhone users. This application allows the Zipcar users to use their iPhone to locate them and find the closest store of Zipcar. People can not only reserve Zipcar by their iPhone, but also choose the available car and unlock the car by iPhone. If people can’t find where they park their car, they can tap the key icon on their iPhone and locate their car.



Zipcar company also indicated the future app can detail directions to your Zipcar’s parking spot, make the reservation time flexible, and visually see the snapshot of car availability.

I think Zipcar’s new iPhone app is amazing. Nowadays, people can not only do everything online, but also on the phone. Companies start to use “mobile” to engage with their customers and bring more convenience to people’s life. As mobile tech is growing so fast, I believe mobile marketing will develop extensively in the near future.




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