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Does social media prolong scandal?

December 5, 2009 2 comments

By know everyone not living under a rock has heard about the Tiger Woods scandal; over and over and over again. We’ve all heard about the voicemail from his mistress, the vegas trips, and multiple women but thanks to the advancements in social media, the story has evolved into a target for spoofs and internet jokes:

Sadly it’s almost common place to hear about these stories with professional athletes, however the appeal of this one is that Tiger is such a private person who’s image involves being perfect. He’s the wealthiest athlete alive, and many argue he’s the greatest athlete (if you consider golf a sport, which I do) of all time. While ten years ago this still would’ve been big news because of Tiger’s innocent persona, the story would not have as much legs without the power of social media.  I have to think that the youtube videos, the blogs, the photoshopped emails will all keep this on the forefront of people’s minds for much longer than it normally would be without the extra digital attention.

It’s proven that the American public loves a good scandal so I do understand why digeratis feast on these types of stories. I’m not even questioning whether it’s right or not because I firmly believe that athletes and celebrities have a (limited) responsibility as role models. I just wonder if it were not flamed by social media outlets, would a story like this die out sooner?

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Ford looking to social media to push Fiesta

November 27, 2009 2 comments

Ford is attempting to change their image in 2010, and they are doing in it in a tech-relevant way. To educate and excite consumers about the 2010 Ford Fiesta, they have launched the Fiesta Movement. Cleverly named to inspire a revolutionary change in automotive offering and compete with the Japanese automakers, the campaign is causing quite a bit of buzz online. Over 4,000 people auditioned to be one of the 100 “agents” commisioned by the movement, to take a 6 month extended test drive documenting their adventures. You can follow your favorite agent along their journey as they post videos from different places doing whacky things. Many of which are pretty entertaining (or ridiculous).

What’s really intelligent about this approach is that it gives Ford the opportunity to target a wide range of demographics by picking their own “real” spokespeople. It’s clear by looking at all of the different agents that they are trying to appeal to multiple generations, across many different social, racial, economic, etc. backgrounds.This is a refreshing change of pace form typical automotive campaigns that all seem to mold together.

The site allows visitors to share their favorite videos across a number of different social networking sites, which is helping create more of a digital buzz as these videos are popping up all over the net. I actually learned about it from a friend who posted one on facebook.

It’s not secret that with recent events surrounding Ford, a new image was necessary especially amongst generation X, Y and Z who the company wants to be buying American for years to come. This campaign allows these users to feel as though they are apart of a group, they belong to something new and exciting which is very important to all social networking users.

Good job Ford. I’m still a Honda man myself, but I like the effort.


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