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Black Friday Record Sales Online

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Black Friday online retail sales reached $1.04 billion dollars in the US this year, beating the previous year by 26%. The implications for marketers are huge-dismissing an online presence in favor of a brick and mortar store now leads to a loss in sales, not only now, but even more so in the following years.  In addition, the huge increase over the previous year shows that this trend is only going to continue. Retailers who haven’t jumped on the web already should definitely get this wake up call.  The time for them to get their online presence up and running is now or never and could be the difference between their success or demise.

In addition, mobile shopping accounted for 26% of all visits to retail sites and 16% of purchases. Retailers should take notice and make the mobile shopping experience compatible with these devices, not only on them, but in the stores. A trade-off of this is that it seems this trend is also pushing prices down since consumers can easily price compare on their devices while they shop. Either way, it seems that the web/mobile revolution will only continue.

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