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December 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I was addicted to a game called” Plant VS Zombie” several months ago.
In the game, your mission is to grow plants in your lawn to prevent zombie invading your house and eat your brain. The characters are cute, even the zombie.

I recommended my friends to play game, they all love it and got addicted.
One day I searched the internet, trying to find some tactics, and I found the music video of it.

I think it is viral because I can’t get tge music out of my head and I shared with my friends immediately.

It also has a facebook fan page, and there are over one million fans.
Fans post their cosplay pictures, home made videos and share anything about the game.
In addition, the zombie look is a very popular custom choice.

At first, I play it on iPhone, and then I download the computer version.
Now, you can play it in many different systems like Xbox360, NDSL, almost any devices.

They did every trailer or commercial successfully and every time I see a new one, it will attract me to play it again and again.
They have YouTube channel and they post silly but funny videos.

Being mentioned in a TV show is another way to promote the game.
Plant VS Zombie showed up in the moder family.

I think, the video game industry is very competitive and you have to being very creative and innovation to stand out from competitors. Availability is also crucial. The more devices you can reach, the more audience you can attract.

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When it comes to marketing a country…

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment
Being marketers, we  promote every kinds of products from a pen to life insurance.  When it comes to marketing a country, tourism would be most effective way.  Holding international events like Olympic games and world baseball cup  is another  method to attract attention.
For a small island country, Taiwan, Taiwanese work very hard to build awareness in the world. Therefore, when our country has chance  to  hold worldwide events, promotion is very important.  What materials should  put in the promotion video?  It is not an easy task. The primary purpose is to introduce the event but also advertise  the country or the city. Following are some promotion videos.
Taipei International Flora Expo 2010
IDA Congress in Taipei 2011
Happy Birthday, Taiwan!
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Auditory or Visual?

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Last week, we talked about three different types of consumers: kinesthetic, auditory and visual.

I am an auditory person and I like rock music. For me, music is the most important criterion to judge a rock band.  But when I saw OK Go’s music video, I totally forgot about the music. It is very creative and they will always come up with great and crazy ideas.

It is their latest one. There are over 3 million views in five days. When you purchase this video on their website, the money will go to ASPCA to save animals.

You can watch more videos on their YouTube page and their website.

In the music industry, create great music is the most important thing for bands and singers. However, it is more about how you package yourself. Using social media like YouTube is a great way to promote your music and interactive with your audience.

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