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KFC Double Down: Created for Internet Buzz?

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Any of my friends know I’m completely obsessed with the KFC sandwich, the “Double Down” that uses two pieces of chicken instead of bread. I love this so much because in a country that’s becoming more and more obsessed with organic healthfood, KFC has laughed in the face of nutritionists. A lot of people are questioning wether in a world with these kind of health conscious attitudes, people will accept a sandwich that is so ridiculous people have trouble believing it actually exists.

Here’s the thing, I heard about this sandwich a year ago. I’ve only eaten at KFC once, but I heard rumors of this insane concoction in some of my first emerson classes. Once it actually was released, it was already an internet phenomenon. There are television commercials for it, but I almost don’t see the reason. They got all they needed from free WOM advertising online, simply by producing a product so strange that it went viral. Was this done on purpose? Did KFC think about this when creating the Double Down? I’m starting to wonder if soon, it may become a viable advertising strategy to release products that may not be embraced by the general public, but can put your business on the eMap.

Either way, I cant wait to eat one of these suckers.

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Watch “Logorama” online

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Logorama is an oscar winning animated short film where every character/building/sign is a logo from a different company. Taking place in a sort of version of LA, it is an action movie follows two cops (animated micheline men) as they chase down a criminal mastermind, Ronald McDonald. The movie is strangely graphic in a funny sort of way, but makes a couple interesting points about how common it already is to see so many logos in movies, even ones not made completely of logos. I also realized that I think I recognized every logo in the entire film, which is pretty scary. I like that the director was willing to put the whole thing up on vimeo. It’s a little long to be “viral” but it is getting passed around somewhat.

Check out the video and see what you think.  Enjoy.

Logorama from Marc Altshuler – Human Music on Vimeo.

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Look Who’s Talking Too Horrible to Watch

March 31, 2010 Leave a comment

So, let’s be honest, we all love those eTrade babies. They’re hilarious. Remember the golf one? Or the one where that baby puked? Good stuff. Babies are funny. Regardless of the fact that it’s basically the same exact ad concept as the Geico Cavemen but with a positive spin, it’s still an entertaining ad, and i didn’t mind my dad and aunt both forwarding it to me. Also, name another stock trading site, I dare you.

But, today they announced an eTrade MOVIE starring the babies. A talking baby movie? I liked that movie in 1989 when it was “Look Who’s Talking”. Or its sequel “Look Who’s Talking Too” or “Baby Geniuses” or “Baby Geniuses 2”. Maybe, though, I’m proving their point that a talking baby movie can’t possibly fail. Or maybe we’re gonna have another NBC Cavemen sitcom situation, and it will be a total flop. Can a viral video really create enough plot and palatable jokes to fill a whole hour and a half long movie? I’m anxious to see what happens (although you couldn’t pay me to see the movie). Either way I hope it’s filmed completely with a webcam.

Here’s a link to the Movieline article:

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