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Find out answer on Facebook, Mr. Watson.

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Facebook is most popular social network available on the internet right now. Millions of users worldwide use this service to connect their family, friends or other extended friends. But actually, Facebook is more than just meeting with your old friends or family members, in database it have many available applications and games which you can play and use completely for free. Companies also use Facebook online games as tool to introduce their upcoming/current products or services, it allows companies to reach the exact audience they want with relevant targeted advertising, also engaged them on the product. Warner Bros. launched an advergame this month that plays with your Facebook profile to promote the upcoming movie – Sherlock Holmes.

 Start here, “hire” a Facebook friend to help you out as Watson and start playing. I’ve just completed the registration and I’m waiting for the challenge to begin. I am look forward to see what will happen. Now it’s all about playing “with” your friends, and “using” (or you guys can work together!) your friends to win something. Since the movie trailer looks so great and the game has been created by AKQA, my expectations are pretty high =)  Enjoy it!

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Sony Playstation 3 – What’s your face look like?

November 14, 2009 Leave a comment

In Japan,Sony has launched an amusing project to drive attention around the release of the new PS3. How does your face look like while you play videogames? Have you got the best “game face”? You can start comparing yourself to a bunch of Japanese videogame players by visiting

What surprising is this is actually an integrated launch plan. It’s not just on TV, or just launch on the Web, this event is really get game enthusiast involved. For three months, as from September, Sony will take the “Playface” concept on tour throughout Tokyo and Osaka. They will invite gamers on the street to play in front of a camera in order to capture their faces during the game.

In this way, the company will both run trials of the new Playstation and engage consumers in a contest with an extremely appealing price for any passionate videogamer: the best “Playstation game face” will be awarded in November with the possibility of trying out all the upcoming SonyPlaystation videogames titles for the rest of his/her life. The final result will reveal who will be the best “Playface” in December.

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