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Facebook memoirs – Life through social networking

I just saw this video on In 3 minutes, one mans life is transpired on Facebook, taking us form the moment he joined on through to when turns 40ish. As stated in the summary, the video is fake but it is indeed a humorous approach on what it would be like if we were to watch someone’s life through social networking.

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Rich media + social gaming

Today around 4:30ish I checked on contest I was running on a partner site of my company. Just as I turned away from the page I started to hear music running in the background. I scrolled through the tabs to see where it was coming from. Turns out it was an insertion add for a new video game, Def Jam Rapstar. It had opened in its own tab in my browser! (techno-graphic marketing in action! We just talked about this in class, and there it was right in front of me)

Click the link to see the ad, (it will also take you to the to see the contest)!http%3A//

This is my exact thought process…

“what if I had been listening to something like Pandora and didn’t want it to be interrupted…What is this for anyway?..Is this a video game?… I don’t really like video games….hmm, this is kinda cool though….oh that was hot!….hmm maybe my boyfriend will want it…No, I think I want it.”

After the minute or so long ad was over, I immediately remember how we talked in class the difference between rich media and static ads and the success rates. Rich media is much different and much more attractive.and yes, it did get my attention and I did watch the whole thing. Yes, I’m STILL thinking about buying and if I do buy, it would definitely be as a result of this single add.

So after a little research, it turns out this was not  your typical video game at all. It was the latest addition to the world of social gaming. taking a cue from the ever popular facebook games, like farmville, Def Jam Rapstar takes it to new heights by incorporating YouTube-like social network elements into game play.

The game gives you the tools you need to record rap music videos with yourself as the main performer, and you don’t even have to perform the songs included with the game. Instead of remaking existing songs over and over, you’re encouraged to create your own beats and lyrics, and post them to the social network for your friends to see. They can then rate them or share them on Facebook, and even record their own rap responses.

eye catching ads and memorable marketing + friendly competition in game play + social network integration + everyone is famous= pretty cool

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Future M – marketing for the future

A Friend on Facebook invited me to attend a few events hosted By Future M. I had never heard of  the organization before but it did not take long for me to be throughly excited by them.

Proclaiming themselves to be the first ever multi-location event experience, F over the course of four days (October 4-8, 2010), Future M has organized several dozen events and activities, all of which showcase new ideas, leading concepts, centered around the future of Marketing.

I personally will be viewing just about all the virtual events, and hopefully a few evening ones.  One of the main reasons I fell in love with marketing is that it never gets stagnant, keeping you on your toes.

Click here to see the event calendar

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