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Google did it again: Google Latitude new features

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Google Latitude is not totally new. It was launched during the first months of 2009. However what is new is that it launched this week two new features developed on request of its earlier users. Google continue demonstrating that it is a company that listen carefully to its customers.

One of the new features is the Google Location History. This gives you the posibility of keeping track of your location history, allowing you to see on a map where you’ve been at any time. But do not worry that your friends and other people are not allowed to see where you were (unless you give them this information).history

The integration this new feature offers is amazing. Now you can keep practically a live journey book that records wherever you go anytime. And the best is that you can visualize your journeys in Google Maps or Google Earth. So, you do not have to worry anymore about forgetting places you visited or stores you liked. If you want to remember something just let Google Latitude do it for you.


The tool is so powerful, you can delete some information you do not want to keep track of, such us getting lost in a place or going to some place you do not want others know… lol.

The other feature launched this week is Google Location Alerts.  This one provides you notifications on your smartphone when a friend is near you. So you can meet with him/her. This option was created because first users of Google Latitude found annoying having to go into the system to check every moment if a friend was nearby.


Now you might be thinking this system is going to bother you with endless SMS when you are at home or at school. Well, the developers thought about that and the system is so smart that it does not send you alerts when you are near people you usually meet on regular basis on your daily routine. Alerts are only sent when you’re either at an unusual place or at a routine place at an unusual time.

I am really excited about this two features. If you are as well, you can start using them here.

The opposite way: a social media campaign supported by a mass media campaign

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems marketing and advertising are becoming to be done the opposite way.  Companies are now doing social media campaigns, and then moving to mass media and traditional websites. Honda is an example of how to do it .

Last Auguts, Honda launched a new marketing campaign just using a Facebook page. The name of the page is “Everybody Knows Somebody Who Loves a Honda.” This page has reached almost 200,000 fans and has connected more than 2.4 million people by October 26 without giving away prizes or rewards . It means people join the page just because they truly are fans of the brand.

The page was initially promoted by using only ads on Facebook.  Then, two months later the company launched TV commercials in order to increase page fans.  Last week, an integrating website to support the capaign was launched. The site connects to the Facebook page and contains the TV commercials and interviews with the owners in the commercials.

According to the boost in Facebook fans after the mass campaign, TV and mass media are not dead yet. They are a great way to reach and move thousands of people and encourage them to act in a certain way using social media.

I think this is an interesting way of connect both advertising worlds and more experiments similar to this one should be done.

The Power of Social Media – Portobello Mushroom Burger Day on Youtube!

October 23, 2009 1 comment

June 3 2009 was officially called Portobello Mushroom Burger Day on Youtube. Carls Jr. paid nine popular YouTubers to produce online commercials for the Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger viral video campaign, in an effort to sell the Portobello Mushroom Six-Dollar Burger to young men.

The participants of this campaign got a cable TV-size audience on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, by showing how they would eat their burgers.

The YouTube stars were chosen not only for their creative flair, but for the networks of followers they can mobilize.  The nine YouTube celebs combined total 3.8 million subscribers on the site — but also boast 590,000 followers on Twitter and 25,000 Facebook fans. These networks, in essence, comprise a new kind of media buy.
By promoting Carl’s Jr. with their own videos, the content creators gave the brand the crucial personal endorsement so important in social media.

This strategy is cheap compared to traditional advertising. The whole program was a fraction of the cost of producing a TV ad.  It got more than 6 million views.

Finally, it is worth to mention that Google is promoting these types of initiatives with advertisers, as it attempts to turn the video site into a moneymaker. YouTube, while far and away the most popular video service, has struggled to find its footing with advertisers.

Here are some of the final videos: