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Top 10 Most Innovative Viral Videos Ads of 2010

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

This videos are awesome.  Not just because they have attracted millions of people, but they have also taken an old medium (video) and brought it into an interactive place, where the viewer is both the observer and the participant.

Pretty great…enjoy.


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MITX Interactive Agency of the Year and Olympus Augmented Reality

November 12, 2010 2 comments

Warning:  This is a shameless plug as well as an attempt to get credit for posting on the blog.

So the company that made the fatal mistake of hiring me after 6 months of interning, Mullen, is in the running for the MITX Interactive Agency of the Year award.  Pretty cool, I know. 

This nomination reminded me of a cool campaign that Mullen did for Olympus cameras that married web cams with YouTube creating an awesome augmented reality experience. 

How it works is you go to the Olympus website and download a marker that you can download from the site.  If you hold up the marker to your webcam you will see a 3D camera that is where the marker would be.  You can play with the camera by putting the flash on, changing the lenses or even taking a picture of yourself.  Click here to get the full demo.

I think this is a great way to hook the online consumer through creating out-of-store trial.  Also,  using emerging technology the campaign has great buzz potential.

If you think this is as cool as I do, please feel free to vote for Mullen here.

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Scare Targeting????

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I had never heard of the website or of the movie, however, then again, I’m not their target. is social networking site that randomly sets up two computers (sometimes many people per computer) to video chat. My guess, this site is for teenagers…I would’ve loved to have this as a teenager as much as my parents would have dreaded it. I also can guess this site is for lonely adults, which combined with teenagers is a little scary, but this is not my point.

Enter the movie The Last Exorcism, a very scary movie targeted at teenagers that soak up the gore and the violence. How do you get this group, possibly least responsive group in marketing and leaders in attention deficient disorders, attention?

Well…this is one way.

***************please advised there is strong language and gory visuals.

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