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Digital Trends in China

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

1. iPhone was finally launched in China, but without Wi-Fi. It has an exclusive carrier China Unicom, which is not that favorable to young people. Anyway, a good thing is that this launch improves the mushroom of Chinese-language Apple iPhone apps.

2. Due to the huge population China has, China is home to the world’s largest online gaming community with 40 million active gamers, worth $3 billion. Besides those serious games, social networking games are becoming more popular. Those casual gamers visit gaming sites during their lunch break for a shoot-out, for instance, or for a fun break at night or on weekends. This changing demographic is opening a wider opportunity for marketers who should definitely look into gaming as an area of growth potential for communicating their brands.

3. Mobile networking in China is very different from that in the rest of the world. by the end of 2009, the number of Chinese online social media users will reach 124 million. Every social media user owns on average 2.78 social media accounts. With mobile social networking growing at a staggering pace, does it make sense for brands to jump onto it immediately? Absolutely.

A Chinese version Facebook “Xiaonei”

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AT&T v.s. Verizon

November 23, 2009 2 comments

There is always a war between the top two carriers AT&T and Verizon, but it became even uglier.

First, Verizon launched a commercial “There is a map for that” which shows two maps, one with Verizon’s 3G coverage blanketing the country, while another shows AT&T’s coverage represented by sporadic clusters and mostly white space.

Here is the commercial:

And then, AT&T sued Verizon on this campaign that Verizon is painting a misleading picture that suggests AT&T offers no wireless coverage in the white areas on the map, which indicate where it doesn’t offer 3G service, but AT&T is not disputing Verizon’s claim about its 3G coverage. But Verizon won the second round. The request AT&T made to force Verizon to halt its commercials was then denied by an Atlanta federal judge, since he found no evidence that the ads were inaccurate.

Hours after this denial was made, AT&T launched a new ad campaign that hits back at Verizon both on TV spot and newspapers.

Here is the ad:

Christmas is coming. The big selling season is on the way. Can AT&T win over Verizon next Month either in the court or in the subscribers? Let’s see.

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Digital marketing improves user experience largely

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

When I was working on my project for Intro to IMC, I happened to find out an article in Adage, saying that digital brand experiences are having an inordinate sway on consumer purchasing habits and brand affinity. And the brand that I am working on (UNIQLO) is one of the top users of digital campaign.

It is reported: “65% of U.S. consumers report a digital experience changing their perception about a brand (either positively or negatively) and 97% of that group report that the same experience ultimately influenced whether or not they went on to purchase a product from that brand. In a nutshell, experience matters. A lot.”

It’s good to know how important Internet is to the building of brand image and brand experience. Uniqlo was benefited from digital marketing a lot. As stated in this article, Uniqlo has an apple app, online shop, stylebooks, e-calendar and many microsites to support its campaigns. It’s a global clothing company based on Japan and manufactured in China. It still need to expand its global market. Compared with H&M, ZARA the like, Uniqlo is still weak in a global scale. But its digital campaigns largely differentiately itself from them. Every corner in the world with internet access can find it online. Uniqlo’s experiential efforts not only express the brand, but reach new consumers who may live thousands of miles away from the nearest retail location.

This is the video for the launch of UNIQLO in SOHO.

UNIQLOCK is the greatest digital product UNIQLO has.


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